60th Engineer’s Day: PM Deuba emphasizes on development in line with national need

Logo 2022-07-19 10:07    Hamro Biratnagar

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has underlined the need of undertaking development endevours in line with the needs of the nation.

He said so while addressing a ceremony organised on the occasion of the 60th Engineer's Day by the Nepal Engineers' Association here today. The PM stressed on the development of roadways, bridges, irrigation, hydropower projects and information technology to take the country towards prosperity.

The Prime Minister said cost-efficient, standard and environment-friendly infrastructure development is the foundation for a new Nepal and our attention should be focused towards that end. "Time demands engineers to contribute to sustainable and environment-friendly development and quality improvement in people's livelihood."

As he stressed, engineers should be further active to localize and channelise new innovations in science and technology in infrastructure development efforts as per the need of the nation and take the country towards prosperity.

The Prime Minister said engineers have a leading role in carving a path for national development and economic prosperity and in the development of the nation as per people's needs and interest. The global demands have their contribution to the development of a modern nation as well. He pledged to ensure support from the government level required for further capacity enhancement of engineers. He also urged engineers to maintain professional values and dignity.

PM Deuba described engineering force as significant development activists and the contributors to change.

Also speaking on the occasion, Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Mohammed Istiyak Rai acknowledged the role of engineers in drafting the modern development of the nation, urging them to pay special attention to the infrastructure development remaining as the backbone for nation's economic development.

"Construction of sustainable structures is mandatory to upgrade Nepal to a category of developing nation and high dedication and meaningful involvement of government and private sector engineers is necessary for the same."

As he said some questions are raised over quality of sustainable development endeavors, he said engineers are also responsible for addressing such voices.

Association chair Dr Hari Bahadur Darlami said engineers/architectures have an important responsibility to materialize the people's aspiration for development and the State should also realize its role to address problems of people in this profession.