Bhanse Pokhari awaits touristic overhaul in Itahari

Logo 2021-11-17 01:11    Hamro Biratnagar

ITAHARI : Bhanse Pokhari is stretched over five bighas of landmass. It is the prime travelling point at ward number 18 of Itahari. Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City announces public bidding to run commercial fisheries at the pond.

Still, this pond is yet to get touristic overhaul in Itahari. ''This pond is used mainly for generating revenues for the local government'', complained Chandra Bahadur Rai, an elected ward committee members, ''We, being the local representatives, are making our demand loud and clear. But, it is still unheard.''

Rai said the pond could have generated hundreds of thousands of rupees annually had there been proper touristic activities like boating and other environment-friendly touristic activities.

''In Itahari, people mainly remember Taltalaiya of Itahari 2 and 3 as the top-preferred natural destination in the city vicinity'', said Anil Pokhrel, a local of Itahari who had also worked as the ward secretary of Itahari ward number 3 and 4. Pokhrel said more infrastructures and more investment are strongly needed to enhance touristic potential of the Bhanse Pokhari. ''This pond deserves bigger invest and bigger return'', said Pokhrel, ''But, not much attention is paid at this angle.''

In the consecutive fiscal policy and plans of Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, Bhanse Pokhari is mentioned almost all years. It was said to intensify more infrastructures to develop the pond as a preferred picnic place of the city. This, however, is not materialized, said locals.

-Birat Anupam/RSS