Call to pass Citizenship Bill through fast track

Logo 2022-07-18 10:07    Hamro Biratnagar

The National Assembly (NA) members have demanded the endorsement of a bill to amend the Citizenship Act-2006 as sooner as possible.

Speaking at the beginning of the NA session today, CPN (UML)'s Khimlal Bhattarai said, "The citizenship issue is a very sensitive matter and it should be sorted out through a fast track and the upper house should pass it without any delay. The government should be serious about it."

"Political journey of all political parties should be for the development of the nation," he said, urging the government to intervene in rising market prices. He also accused that the government activities were intended at weakening federalism instead of consolidating the system.

Expressing his concern over the incident took place at Tilottama municipality in Rupandehi on Sunday, he demanded the Home Minister's reply to that end. He also demanded the registration of Public Account Committee President for the violation of code of conduct.

CPN (Maoist Center)'s Bina Pokhrel said the citizenship is a sensitive issue connected to nationality and though its procedures could be simpler, its policy should be tougher. "Policies and exercises of a neighbouring nation should also be considered while dealing with the citizenship issue. We should follow simple procedures for a hard policy for it."

Jitendra Narayan Dev of Nepali Congress stressed that Nepal's foreign policy should be clear and have uniformity. He also sought the government's clear stand on comments about the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).