District Hospital, Panchthar vandalised over death of minor

Logo 2021-10-07 07:10    Hamro Biratnagar

The District Hospital was vandalized last night over the death of a girl amidst the treatment. The relatives of the girl have accused that the death was due to negligence of the hospital.

The irate mob resorted to the vandalism with the use of rocks, bricks, iron rods and wooden logs. The attack has caused its implications on ICU ward, COVID-19 HDU and other structures.

Window panes, doors and furniture have got smashed in the attack.

A three and half- year-old Kristina Thamsuhang, daughter of Kamal Thamsuhang of Phalelung rural municipality -8 and currently residing of Phidim municipality-2 died on Wednesday morning while undergoing treatment. Following the death, the hospital administration had sit for dialogues with the girl’s relatives and the sitting failed to reach to a conclusion till the evening, prompting the later to resort to the agitation. Though the police force tried to take the situation under control by throwing tear gas cells, the infuriated mob counter- attacked the police personnel.

Owing to the current atmosphere, the hospital administration decided to close all the services except the emergency ones until a further decision. The both parties have sit for talks this morning and the victim family has agreed to receive the body. A committee has been formed to investigate the incident. More, the hospital is to provide Rs 40,000 to perform the last rites.