Federalism is needed for the public interest: Minister Shrestha

Logo 2022-07-07 08:07    Hamro Biratnagar

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Rajendra Prasad Shrestha has argued that federalism is needed for protection of public interest.

He said so while inaugurating the 'Fourth South Asian Conference on Public Policy and Governance' organized by the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) here today. NASC has been organising this type of international conference every year.

The Federal Affairs Minister stressed that federalism was necessary for providing accessible, smooth and effective services to the citizens.

"Federalism is needed for ensuring the fundamental rights of the citizens as well as for the nation to enhance its performance," he asserted and pointed out the need for holding extensive discussion on the economic, social, cultural and political topics for achieving the country's development and for fulfilling the public's aspirations by institutionalising the federal system.

NASC executive director Rajan Khanal said experts' views and feedback should be collected by organising discussions and interaction on works being carried out in the political, administrative realms as well as those done for public interest in the nation.

"We should also learn from the experiences of Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and others in connection to the exercise of federalism and how they work," he said.

Discussions were held and experiences shared on policy formulation and governance dimension and approaches for exercise of federal governance system, in the programme.