Five judges said, “We are in favor of the exit of the Chief Justice.”

Logo 2021-11-17 01:11    Hamro Biratnagar

KATHMANDU: NOV. 17 – Returning to the hearing, the five judges said they were in favor of the removal of CJ Rana. Stating that they were with the Nepal Bar and other judges, they said that they were in favor of the resignation of CJ Rana.

Judges Tej Bahadur KC, Kumar Chudal, Kumar Regmi, Manoj Sharma and Bamkumar Shrestha said in a meeting with officials of the Nepal Bar and the Supreme Court Bar Association on Wednesday that they were concerned about the indecision in the delivery of justice.

They said that they have started hearing some limited cases as they felt that they were treated unfairly when their case was not heard.

They reiterated their commitment to the removal of CJ Rana and said that he had returned to the hearing in a symbolic manner as the people were suffering due to non-hearing of the case for a long time.