Itahari designates indigenous Tharu community as ‘First Citizen’

Logo 2022-06-26 07:06    Hamro Biratnagar

Itahari's indigenous Tharu community has been designated as the 'First Citizen' by the new plan, policy and the budget of the Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City.

In a budget speech delivered today afternoon, Deputy Mayor Sangita Chaudhary said the Tharu has been declared as the 'First Citizen' of Itahari. For the same purpose, inputs of imminent Tharu personalities and scholars would be consulted, said the budget program of the newly elected people's representatives of Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City. For the implementation of this declaration, Rs. 3 million has been allocated, said Deputy Mayor Sangita Chaudhary.

Likewise, Itahari has brought special program on the preservation and promotion of the Gramthan, the cultural centers of indigenous Tharu community of Itahari. This program has been given top priority.

Tharu activists and elders of Itahari have expressed their happiness over declaration of 'First Citizen' and Gramthan conservation. ''This is good gesture on part of plan, policy and budget allocation'', remarked Sampatlal Chaudhary, a local Tharu elder. He added, 'Words need practical translation into reality.''

Itahari has announced tentative budget of Rs. 2 billion 180 million 610 thousand. Itahari has announced plans to have free health insurance to 2000 poor households of Itahari. Likewise, referral service is said to have extended to all ward health offices of all 20 wards of Itahari. Deputy Self-dependence program has been prioritized with 'one cooperative, one skill' program.