Lawmakers demand pro-people judiciary

Logo 2022-07-20 08:07    Hamro Biratnagar

Lawmakers have complained that it has been a challenging for general people to seek and get justice, drawing the government's attention towards the overall improvement in judiciary. "Corruption reported in judiciary is worrisome," they said.

Speaking in a session of the House of Representatives today, the lower house members also sought the government's intervention to combat incidences of drowning and road accidents.

Prakash Rasaili Snehi was of the view that judiciary was beyond the access of general people and a high level reform and direction commission should be formed to undertake efforts targeting overall improvement in judiciary.

Parbata Kumari Bishukhne spoke the need of restructuring judiciary to make it people's friendly. As she said, only the imposition of impeachment against judges would not bring change in judiciary.

Dr Dila Sagraula Panta stressed the government's focus should be on the minimization of road accidents as such cases are highly likely during monsoon while Dil Kumari complained that no better medical care is available to response the cases of snake bites though the fatalities are noticeable each year.

Tek Bahadur Basnet demanded sufficient budget allocation for the Madan Bhandari Highway and Dibyamani Rajbhandari pressed an idea for discouraging the use of private vehicles when the prices of petroleum products are skyrocketing.

Deepak Prasad Bhatta spoke the need of a national institute of medical sciences targeting hilly districts in the Sudur Pashicm Province and Nabina Lama raised the issue of disruption of heart surgery in the Gangalal Hospital and other health facilities in lack of required instruments.

Dev Prasad Timilsina demanded relief to the people of southern plains as life there is presently thrown out of gear due to rising temperature.

Narayan Prasad Khatiwada expressed his concern over the exclusion of Tokha-Chhahare tunnel construction budget in the budget for the current fiscal year.

Pabitra Niraula Kharel said people of rural areas have been deprived of easy access to healthcare services due to urban-centered health facilities while Purna Kumari Subedi drew the government's attention towards the constant inundation problem in Nepalgunj.

Prabhu Shah urged the government to be serious about issues of farmers who are dependent on rain-fed agriculture. Dr Bijay Subba expressed his concern over a delay in the construction of a bridge over the Tamor River connecting Tehrathum and Panchthar districts.