Leader Singh announces his support to Deuba

Logo 2021-12-14 07:12    Prabesh Bishta

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Leader Prakashman Singh, one of the candidates for the Nepali Congress President in the party’s 14th General Convention, has announced his support to another candidate for the post and incumbent President Sher Bahadur Deuba.

According to leader Singh, the meeting held at his private residence in Chaksibari this morning, the two leaders agreed for the same. As he said, the two agreed to operate the party as per the party statute and make corrections of weakness seen in the party.

It may be noted that the vote for the party new President is taking place again as no candidates secured 51 percent of the total votes to be elected on the party Presidential post. Preparations are going to conduct the voting again from 3:30 pm today.

During the first round of election held on Monday, Prime Minister and incumbent President Deuba had secured 2,258 votes while his nearest rival Shekhar Koirala secured 1,702 votes. Likewise, Singh got 371 votes followed by 250 by Bimalendra Nidhi and 22 votes by Kalyan Gurung. A total of five candidates were in the race for the party President post.

A total of 4,679 voters out of 4,743 took part in the voting and 76 ballots were invalid.

As per the party statute, a candidate must secure over 50 percent of the total cast votes to win the Party President post and in the absence of any candidate to meet the requirement in the first round of election, a voting shall be conducted among the two highest competitors and the one getting more votes shall win the election.