Manandhar designated KMC spokesperson

Logo 2022-07-18 06:07    Hamro Biratnagar

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has designated ward 17 chairperson Nabin Manandhar as its spokesperson.

He is also the coordinator of Information Technology Committee of the KMC.

The sixth executive meeting of the KMC presided by Mayor Balendra Shah on Sunday took the decision. Likewise, the meeting has decided to extend invitation to chiefs and representatives of the municipalities having sisterly relations with KMC to observe Indra Jatra this year.

Earlier, KMC had invited chiefs, deputy chiefs and representatives from 13 municipal units across the country to observe Indra Jatra in the year 2076 BS.

A total of 41 guests, including four chiefs had attended the procession at the moment.

The meeting has given consent for amending KMC's public procurement regulation. According to the current fiscal year's policy and programme, wards would procure service and goods on open competition from this year onward.