Parliamentary special committee assessing forensic report about ‘deleted’ CCTV footage

Logo 2022-07-26 07:07    Hamro Biratnagar

A parliamentary special committee formed to investigate the alleged involvement of unauthorized persons in the budget formulation process has begun its study being based on a forensic report submitted by Nepal Police.

The erstwhile Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has been accused of inviting unauthorized persons to his office in the eleventh hour of the budget formulation process to alter tax rates and he had resigned from the post with the formation of the Committee to investigate the matter. He faces charges of entertaining outsiders at his office in the midnight of May 28 to make changes in tax rates.

Earlier, the Committee has sought the help of Nepal Police's forensic department to restore the CCTV footage of that period said to be deleted from the Ministry of Finance.

According to Committee secretary Surendra Aryal, the meeting of the Committee held this morning began the study being based on the forensic report. As he said, the Committee have summoned the expert concerned to facilitate it to understand technical issues of the case. The Committee shall meet again at 4:00 pm today.