Revolving fund of Rs 10 million set up for agriculture and education

Logo 2021-12-03 05:12    Hamro Biratnagar

Myagdi : Three brothers of a family in Annapurna Rural Municipality in the district of Myagdi have set up a revolving fund of Rs 10 million in Shika Secondary School for the promotion of agriculture and higher studies of selected students.

Dilliraj Garbuja, a retired armyman of British Army, announced the establishment of the revolving fund on Thursday on the occasion of 67th anniversary of the school.

During the event, Dilliraj said that the revolving fund was set up on his own and on behalf of his brothers Umesh Kumar Garjuba and Dan Bahadur Garbuja.

The fund would be utilised to promote agriculture and support the higher education of an outstanding student after his/her graduation for Shikha Secondary School.

The three Garbuja brothers now live in the United Kingdom.

It is shared that the interest amount of the revolving fund would be given to an outstanding student and highest potato producing farmer every year in the rural municipality.