Sudurpaschim Province lagging behind in economic progress despite huge potential: NRB study

Logo 2022-06-12 12:06    Hamro Biratnagar

Sudurpaschim Province has lagged behind in term of economic progress despite having abundant natural resources, according to a latest study carried out by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

There have been challenges in making the country self-reliant on agricultural production though its commercialization due to various factors like lack of agriculture infrastructure and management of natural disasters and barren lands caused by increasing migration, said the study.

The province is low in the industrial and entrepreneurship due to a lack of research and exploration, and study of the potential sectors, it has been said.

Due to geographical difficulties, the province has faced challenges in the expansion of people's access to finance through the development of financial infrastructures and of the increment of financial literacy and in the construction of infrastructures, deposit collection and mobilising qualified human resources for loan mobilisation.

Bridging the gap between the province's low capacity in collecting revenue and capitalizing the available resources also seems to be an uphill task.

Managing required resources to increase the capacity of the local and provincial government in mobilising institutional and technical resources and in the infrastructural development is also another challenge.

Despite several challenges, it is mentioned that expansion of the pocket area of cash crops, determining the appropriate prices and increase in the production by using the modern technology are the possibilities that can be implemented immediately. There is high potential of these activities promoting exports by substituting the imports.

Productivity can be increased by minimizing the dependence on the seasonal rainfall for agriculture if the under-construction project of national pride, the Ranijamara Kulariya Irrigation Project, is completed on time. The project will irrigate a total 38,300 hectares land. Its physical progress has reached around 60 per cent.

Similarly, the province would see a significant contribution in the expansion and development of agriculture sector if the construction of the Mahakali Irrigation Project which has been undertaken with the aim of irrigating 33,520 hectares land is expedited and completed on time.

The Study states that the productivity of farmland and agricultural production would be increased thereby speeding up the industrial development of the province through the timely completion of these two major projects in the province.

It is stated that the province also has immense possibilities for the industrial development provided the construction of the required infrastructures like the industrial zone, industrial village, roads and electricity projects is speeded up for the same.

Likewise, the province has high potential for the promotion of tourism through the development of tourism infrastructures and facilities at the important historic, religious, cultural and natural touristic areas.