UML launches public demonstration

Logo 2022-08-01 09:08    Hamro Biratnagar

The main opposition party, CPN (UML), has launched its 'extensive public demonstration programme' on issues of public concern in Kathmandu today. In this connection, the UML organized protest rallies from various places of the capital. The public demonstration programme is in protest against what the party calls a rise in price hike, corruption and such activities in the nation.

Krishna Gopal Shrestha, convenor of the public demonstration organising committee, said the protest rallies from various places will converge at Basantapur and conclude after reaching the Shanti Vatika, passing through Pyaphal, Naradevi, Bangemudha, Ason and Bhotahity.

The party's units from the three districts in Kathmandu Valley, the Valley Special Province and the four district units under it, liaison committee, the class organisations, lawmakers and the central departments would participate in the public demonstrations.